We are happy to inform you that Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil wines are now available in the US thanks to WINE TRADITIONS

no herbicides, no pesticides
hand harvest
non filtered wines
2 family vineyards, 6 generations 

Château Gueyrosse vintage 2009   étampe Gueyrosse - copie

 85 % Merlot, 12 % Cabernet Franc, 3 % Cabernet Sauvignon


Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil vintage 2004                  

étampe Chante Alouette Cormeil - copie  75 % Merlot, 25 % Cabernet Franc



Château Gueyrosse NEW YORK CITY.jpeg

ENO TERRA32 KINGSTON32 NJ wine tasting 2014