Family estate since 1862, the 4.60 hectares of vines planted in Château Gueyrosse are a mix of:

85 % de Merlot

15 % de Cabernet Franc

planted on a soil of red gravel and old sands

We plough the soils.

Harvest by hand.

No herbicides, no pesticides.

Our vineyards are in the process 

of conversion to organic farming since April, 2018.

The 2019 and 2020 vintages are a certified “Bee-Friendly” label,which aims to identify and promote pollinator-friendly products.

Our process of converting to organic farmingis consistent with the

Bee-Friendly standards.

Our close contact with the Libourne Apiary School Association

enables us to identify the trees, plants and flowersin our garden which

qualify as pollinatorsand are labeled accordingly.

During the tour we will give you more details about the vinification process, and

discuss about the respect of the soil and the vine.

The wine tasting will allow you to discover our 2 wines.

Family vineyard since 1818 Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil

with his 11 hectares, has 3 different grape varieties:

65 % Merlot

20 % Cabernet Franc

15 % Cabernet Sauvignon

planted on a sandy soil, with iron snag and some blue clay