EARL Vignobles Yves DELOL
vignoble familial Saint Emilion Grand Cru

EARL VIGNOBLES YVES DELOL - English Tour and Wine Tasting

Looking for a vineyard on your way from Bordeaux to Saint Emilion.

Monday to Friday: 9am-12 and 2pm-5:30pm                             BY APPOINTMENT    

Saturday and Sunday: 10am-12 and 2:30pm to 5:30pm           BY APPOINTMENT

+33 5 57 51 02 63

Family estate since 1862, the 4.60 hectares of vines planted in Château Gueyrosse are a

mix of:

  • 85 % de Merlot
  • 15 % de Cabernet Franc

planted on a soil of red gravel and old sands



Family vineyard since 1818 Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil with his 11 hectares,

has 3 different grape varieties:

  • 65 % Merlot
  • 20 % Cabernet Franc
  • 15 % Cabernet Sauvignon

planted on a sandy soil, with iron snag and some blue clay

vignoble certifié BEE FRIENDLY


vignoble conduit en agriculture biologique, organic farming vineyard

We are pleased to announce that the 2022 harvest of Château Gueyrosse and Domaine Chante Alouette Cormeil have just earned their

BEE FRIENDLY Certifications.


  • How does it work?

Following the 2022 harvest, the BEE FRIENDLY Certification Committee conducted an audit of the farm. The Bee Friendly Labelling

Committee then met to review the audit results, and - based on the on 27 measurable criteria which were met by the farm - validated its

eligibility for the BEE FRIENDLY labels.


  • How did we prepare the land?

Throughout the year, we implemented recommendations and criteria included in the BEE FRIENDLY specifications.

Preserving and sustaining biodiversity involves daily work in the vineyards and entails planting green manure as a source of food and

habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects.

This plant cover also serves as a means of creating a natural fertilizer for the vines, as well as reinforcing and improving the soil quality.

Organic farming is a method of expressing our respect for the environment, fauna and flora.


  • When will the Bee be on the bottle?

It will take a little patience, time and work before we can put the BEE FRIENDLY logos on the bottles of our 2022 harvest.

The new vintage will first go through a 12-month maturation in barrels while we verify that their roundness, fruit and elegance are

retained. It will be officially bottled and marketed in 2024. 


  • Are there any Bee Friendly certified vintages already on the market?

The answer is Yes.

We have been BEE FRIENDLY since 2019! You can already find the 2019 vintage and the 2020 vintage.


We look forward to your visiting our wine cellars, where we can share with you our vintages and discuss our work in the vineyard and

the wine cellars. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How do we take care of our vines and soil?

Organic Farming
and Bee Friendly

  • We plough the soils.
  • Harvest by hand.
  • No herbicides, no pesticides.
  • Our vineyards are in the process of organic farming since April, 2018.

The 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 vintages are a certified “BEE FRIENDLY

label, which aims to identify and promote pollinator-friendly products.

Our process of converting to organic farming is consistent with the BEE FRIENDLY


Our close contact with the Libourne Apiary School Association enables us to

identify the trees, plants and flowers in our garden which qualify as pollinators and

are labeled accordingly.

Meet the winemaker

During the tour we will give you more details about the

vinification process, and discuss about the respect of

the soil and the vine, the organic farming process and

Bee Friendly certification.


The wine tasting will allow you to discover our

two Saint Emilion Grand Cru wines.

looking for a dog friendly vineyard, you are welcome

Yes we are a dog friendly vineyard

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