EARL Vignobles Yves DELOL
vignoble familial Saint Emilion Grand Cru
EARL Vignobles Yves DELOL
vignoble familial Saint Emilion Grand Cru


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Merci à Kimball's Artisan Wines, caviste à Jacksonville dans l'Oregon, qui a sélectionné le Château Gueyrosse 2011.

copie de l'article de Jim Flint paru le 18 Novembre 2022 dans le Mail Tribune

Taste, pair, gift these wines for holidays

By Jim Flint           Nov 18, 2022

Kimball’s Artisan Wines

Josh Kimball, shopkeeper at Kimball’s Artisan Wines, 120 S. Third St., Jacksonville, has wine pairing

suggestions for three different holiday dinner entrees.

If fowl is on the menu, he suggests a Marcel Deiss 2020 Alsace Complantation (white blend) for $27.

“Alsatian wine is incredibly crowd-pleasing and especially food-friendly,” Kimball said. “Acidity,

minerality and complex structure make the region’s wines excellent choices for serving with roasted

turkey.” Or any bird, for that matter — chicken, goose, duck and Cornish hens.

For game, he suggests a Guillaume Chanudet 2019 Fleurie La Madone for $24.

“Beaujolais is a wine-producing region in France featuring the delicious wines made from Gamay

Noir,” he said. “The grape has a thin skin, but don’t let that fool you. It’s capable of producing a wide

array of wine styles, from the fresh and fruity to the concentrated and complex.”

If prime rib or steak is on the menu, he recommends a Chateau Gueyrosse 2011

Saint-Emillion Grand Cru for $38.

“The big flavors of roast beef really beg for red wine,” Kimball said, “and a beefy one at

that. Bordeaux is a big-blended red that delivers fruity aromas of plum, cassis and dark

cherry, as well as notes of truffle, dark chocolate and vanilla.”

The contrasting fruit flavors and complex notes complement the smoky and savory

flavors of prime rib.


Reach freelance writer Jim Flint at jimflint.ashland@yahoo.com.

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